Mini-break: Hola Madrid!

My how time flies!  A few weeks ago I got the chance for a last minute sojourn to Madrid.  What a wonderful city!  The sun was shining (even though it was so cold!) and I got time to really explore.  We did our research  before flying in – my 2 “musts” were, local and not touristy (ok, these are both the same thing) and boy did we get lucky!

J booked us into the most delightful hotel – Hotel Urso.  Small, quaint and full of light.  I couldn’t have asked for anything better!  It was perfectly positioned for walking to Malasana, Chueca and Salamanca – all areas that I really wanted to explore.


As everyone who knows me can attest, there are 2 things I love: Food and Coffee.  There is no shortage of amazing places to eat in Madrid and one I can certainly recommend is Celso y Manolo.  A little restaurant that has the most delicious food.  I felt like my taste buds were really spoiled here.  The food was simple, fresh and elegant.  It was the perfect “date” spot!

IMG_8096 IMG_8196

For the morning after, a good flat white is required and for an Aussie girl,  this is particularly hard to find, especially in a lot of European cities.  Fortunately,  artisan, wonderfully roasted coffee is by far on the up!  We stopped at Federal Cafe Madrid for brunch which included delicious avocado on toast.  It’s no surprise that this small chain (there are 3 – 1 in Madrid and 2 in Barcelona) is owned and run by Aussies.  They were even playing my favorites, Angus & Julia stone whilst we were eating.


All in all it was a wonderful long weekend away. It’s so refreshing to get away from London for a few days, to explore, to try speak a new language (one which I’m trying my hardest to learn!) and to just switch off.  Travelling really does open the eyes.

Tried & Tested

All photos by me.


The sun will come out tomorrow



IMG_9226_tuulaToday is a trying day at work.  One of the ones where everything is happening at breakneck speed and all I want to do is take 5 minutes to breathe.  So that’s what I’m doing.   A little bit of day dreaming by checking out one of my go-to reads for a bit of inspiration, Tuula Vintage.

The sun is out in London today, but it’s still really cold. So I’m dreaming of summer – the warmth of the sun on my skin, the heat and the cool sea breeze that floats in, just when its needed in the afternoon.

Photos by Tuula Vintage

Pom Pom

Whilst it might be 25 days until the official start of Spring here in the UK, today, I woke up to a blanket of snow.  Its funny what a dusting of snow can do to me.  I start to not worry so much about how cold it is, or how grey the sky might be and begin to feel a little sparkle of child like wonder and the landscape outside. Its about then that I don’t mind putting on my big coat (and in the process looking like a marshmallow) and beanie.  I’m really loving Style Memo‘s winter look here.  The perfect combination of warmth and cool factor (get me that beanie stat!) and the pop of lipstick adds a little colour to a dreary winters day

Brighton Style Memo_image 1

Image from Style Memo


It’s been a while since I last blogged and I can’t deny that I haven’t missed it. It’s a little difficult picking up on this writing thing again as I’m such a perfectionist and if something doesn’t look or sound right, it suddenly gets just a little bit too hard.  Hopefully, I can gain some momentum and keep up  with the posting!

While originally I wanted to only discuss (and show) fashion inspiration, I’ve now decided to be more lifestyle focused. Anything that takes my fancy, be it a fabulous style icon I’ve read about, or perhaps an introduction to a new coffee shop down the road, it’s going to be here.  A “collection” of stylish things!

Hopefully see you soon

Monday Musings

With the trees already turning gold and red, Autumn is certainly on its way here to London.  It makes me wish for a longer summer, where the scent of the ocean is on the air and clothing options are simplified down to the bare essentials (no coat or tights!).  With the spring summer collections happening in New York this week, its nice to see colour hitting the runway in ways that even us mere mortals will be able to wear – I envisage the high street shops rushing to create their versions of the designer wares.   

Here are a couple of my favourites.  Chosen for their simplicity and the mood they evoke.





Cool minted green and luxurious fabrics at TIBI (image 1) and summer palm trees and muted hues at MARA HOFFMAN (image 2, 3, 4).



For the Love of: The Oversized Jacket

The seasons are starting to turn and the days are getting shorter here in London.  Im already feeling the need to start looking for my winter go to coat.  After a unsuccessful season last year – my first in England, I made the mistake of leaving this search until the last minute.  This year I won’t be so foolish and have a couple have already taken my eye.  The first is the oversized Jacket

The oversized jacket is a key piece in any self respecting girls autumn and winter wardrobe.  A classic that will keep you warm yet still keep you looking cool throughout the season.

For a girl (like me) who does not have legs the length of Giselle, the trick with this is to elongate. You don’t want the extra fabric to swamp you so is perfect for wearing with skin tight jeans and a nice stiletto heel.  Yet for those blessed with skyscraper tall pins, you are the lucky ones that can wear this trend billowy – with floaty knee length skirts or with brogues.

The oversize coat should sit just off the shoulders and envelope you in its warmth, the perfect friend for the upcoming winter.

Oversized jacket


Above are a couple of my favourites.

Top Left: Simone Rocha Wafer Mesh Coat, Selfridges, £800, Top Right: IRO Lanila Coat, Atterly Road, £360, Bottom Left: Richard Nicholl Oversized Coat, Net-A-Porter, £1435, Bottom Right: Etoile Isabel Marant Delphe Herringbone Coat,, £410